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Usman Riaz “Flashes & Sparks” VIDEO “Fire Fly” premiered on 28th February.

USMAN RIAZ – the notes, shift !

FEBURARY MONDAY 28, 2011 (NATIONWIDE)Usman Riaz’s first Video “Fire Fly” from his debut album “Flashes & Sparks” released nationwide.

Seldom seen in today’s cookie cutter world of commercial pop, Usman Riaz’s debut album, a 3 tracked offering titled “Flashes and Sparks” has indeed upped the ante, for budding musicians.

Terms, such as eclectic, electrifying, clean, incisive, fall by the wayside, incapable of expressing the depth and maturity of the young musician’s work.

Wielding a modified acoustic guitar with a pickup, the guitar’s neck and body for percussive accompaniment, Usman has managed to carve out his own signature style.

It takes a slow motion review of the video, to spell out the complexity in his playing style.

Hailing from a family of talented, creative people, he was nurtured into his love of music and art, from a young age. A long association, - since age 6 – with the piano followed, an instrument which he plays in a contrasting, flowing style to his guitar work.  Exposed to classical doctrines of music, theatre and art, the early years provided a stimulus for his works today.

Usman agrees, that his favorite blend of music is that of the eastern and western classical genres. As a part of his natural growth as musician, he took up the guitar a few years back at age 16, possibly to liberate his creativity from the structured environment of the piano. The guitar has therefore compelled him to explore, a substantially larger musical canvass.

Additionally, Usman has developed proficiency on the Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Harmonium and percussive instruments.

He is indeed the face of a newer generation of original content creators, who are willing to experiment and receive critical acclaim for their efforts.

Devoid of computer based animation and graphics, the video is a perfect vehicle to spell out, the experience that is Usman’s music...

“Flashes & Sparks” holds stern at # 1 on Album Charts, consecutive 5 weeks; at the Vibe Charts.

Link: http://www.jang.com.pk/thenews/jan2011-weekly/nos-30-01-2011/instep/vibes.htm

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