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Ink is primarily a 100 page, South Asian, print and online entertainment based magazine which comes out every quarter and sells nationwide in Pakistan, as well as in Europe, India, UAE, UK, USA & Canada, through subscriptions.

The best part is, we assign different themes to each issue and the content within revolves around that central theme.

Ink sees itself as a publication that construes almost everything exciting as being entertainment- hey, if it makes people react – its entertainment! It could be anything from pop-culture, theater, dance, music, sports, get-togethers, comedy, media, PR, events, people, issues, movements, to even advertising. We feel it a responsibility to promote our culture at home, globally, and vice versa. We also highlight great work being done by South Asians internationally, and are THE source for exclusive interviews with top celebrities the world over. Ink’s uniqueness lies with its content, making it a dynamic publication.

To request our Media Kit, Tariff Card or Circulation details, email us at ink.quarterly@gmail.com