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C.E.O.’s Letter

Fariha Rashed

Sitting here typing out the first ever editorial for this new publication is just as thrilling as unwrapping a bar of chocolate; well, almost! So what’s Ink all about and why did we choose this particular name for a publication based on entertainment? Read on and you shall find out!

From the smallest dot of ink that touches the surface of a crisp new paper, to the coming together of words across an entire publication ; Ink is the result of many hours of laborious work at the computer, lots of squabbles amongst the “planners”, including the likes of our Editor-in-Chief Mushfiq Murshed who we thank for taking care of the nitty-gritty, plus late nights supported by the tea making abilities of my mother, and of course much support and help from my family members, friends and acquaintances in the corporate / media world …we bring to you the ‘ink’ of our labor … Ink.

Ink is a magazine for all those wanting to break away from the current bleakness of daily life, and interested in being kept abreast about what all is going on in the entertainment world, not only Pakistan, but abroad also. Through Ink, we aim to promote and encourage new talent, in the field of entertainment, and celebrate the established entertainers, both local and international, by showing you glimpses of their work, and carefully planned / executed projects, events, shows etc. Our first issue is largely, but not completely, related to Music. We as a team collectively decided to assign basic themes to each new issue of Ink [in an attempt to do in-depth justice to each aspect of entertainment and to break any monotony that may occur.

Ink also gives you the low down on gossipy affairs so you can keep abreast with the town tittle-tattle, exclusive interviews, mind blowing articles written by our precious contributors, unique columns, and a wealth of information, facts and images.

So if you want to know what’s happening in your town, your country, around the world, be sure to pick up your edition of Ink from your nearest store every quarter!

Contact me: fariha@ink-on-the-web.com